Want to buy something locally from a store or JT insight and cant get it in the back of your car? From £30 per bulky item , but we will need to discuss access and exact requirements with you. If you require a more tailored quote please call for more details.

UK & Europe

We offer a very straightforward weekly service; give us the collection address, description and approximate weight of the item you wish to ship, and we shall quote to collect and deliver that item to your door in Jersey, it’s really that simple! This applies to anything you wish to buy on Ebay or from any UK store.

Alternatively when UK shops and stores offer ‘free UK mainland delivery’, give them our depot address in Southampton, we will accept your consignment and ship it over to Jersey for you as soon as it arrives Just book it in with us first so we can expect the delivery and then we can ensure that your goods are firmly booked onto the lorry heading for Jersey that week. It’s as simple as that!


Stores that we make regular calls to:-

John Lewis
Furniture Village
PC World
Euro Carparts
Tesco & Asda
Roche Bobois
Harrods Distribution Centre
Numerous designer outlets UK wide
And much more too many to list…

Our UK address is:-

Bookmyspace/YOUR NAME HERE
Unit 22 Fareham Industrial Park
Standard Way
PO16 8XJ
Tel: 01329 230030 for directions

We are open 9-5 Monday to Friday to sign your order in, and its really important to make sure your retailer marks the boxes in full with the address shown, goods may be refused entry if unidentified

(please advise us of any consignment you wish to send here so that we can expect it and allocate space on the next load . Once your order is placed please also send us by email a copy of your order so we have the values ready for Jersey customs declaration.)

Need small items to be shipped to or from Jersey?

That’s no problem. From a single item to a full lorry load we can cater for any amount and the level of service you will receive will remain the same. We can ship single items anywhere in the country from parcels to motorbikes, sheds and chalets, building materials, and much more!

We work very closely with Jersey and UK customs and are able to assist you all the way with correct paperwork that you need to complete.

Areas in the UK we regularly visit

A good cost – effective way of shipping your items to the UK used by many of our savvy customers is our part load system. You simply ‘lorry share’ by leaving us your item on the understanding that when we pass the area you need it to go we make the delivery then for you. It is the most low cost of all, however it may take 2-3 weeks for your goods to arrive, and your destination has to be flexible on receiving the goods.

Most visited places:

London (all zones)
West Country, Wales
East coast, Suffolk
South coast, Devon and Cornwall
Liverpool and Manchester
Leeds and Yorkshire

Call or email us today with any location….we could be passing by sometime soon! Regular posts appear on our Facebook and twitter feeds